A Trip Home June 2010 by Barrie Smith

A TRIP HOME by Barrie Smith

It's Monday June 7, 2010. I have been back home two days and I am feeling very disconnected here in Emmett, Idaho. I have not been this way when I have returned before. I seemed to have been more caught up in the war, the injuries and this new effort that is going on in Afghanistan. Part of my responsibilities were to train up some of the young medics who are getting ready to go over for the first time. Of course they are very excited, but I remind them that there is more war out there than they will want to see. I have become very attached to some of them. I wish that I could follow their lives for a while to see how things will turn out for them. My life has pretty well turned and I am anxious to help them make good decisions.

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My wife flew out to Indiana the first part of May so that we could drive home together. The 15th of May my son-in-law graduated from medical school. I had a chance to sit on the stand and then 'hood' him when he came up. I certainly enjoyed the ceremony more this time than when I graduated. I was much more thoughtful and calm. He is facing residency and starting a new profession. I wonder how I ever stood the stress of it all. I am happy to see his excitement.

We started home on the 28th of May. We visited some 'Mormon memorials' in Nauvoo, Illinois and Winter Quarters, Nebraska. They reminded me how important freedom of thought is. I had told Mike Edgar that I would be by to do some mountain biking in Colorado. As usual he was a great host and we had a great time visiting and biking together. Jan and I stayed at the historic Hotel Colorado. It is a fun old hotel; something we have not done before. The geothermal hot spring pools were delightful. We stopped in Grand Junction to visit Scott Brown for about an hour. He was up and about, feeling well. Last year he was not doing quite so well. He has enjoyed getting news from everyone. I discussed the idea of setting up a webcam at the reunion during one of the evenings so that he can visit with some of you. He sends all of his Rancho friends a big "Hello". Once again I was inspired by his attitude and what he is able to do, after all that he has been through. Life is good. ~ Barrie