Random Vaquero Sightings
Nov 6, 2013
Ladies Luncheon RAHS Class of 1963
Photo provided by Bonnie North

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RAHS 63 Girls Luncheon
From the top...Sharon VanderPol, Phyllis Graham, Sandy Bruska, Connie Handy, in green jacket - Cheryl Besemer (La Vaquera 1963), step down one dark hair - Sandy Smith Williams, Sue Williams, Bonnie North, step down dark hair - Linda Sellers, blonde in black and white - Merie Vergillo, behind her - Evon Richardson, in front of Evon - Julie Pike, in brown - Melody Kaiser, red shirt - Cheri Hudson, green jacket - Susan Waysack, and in blue - Anita Edwards.

Pot luck luncheon - Julie Pike Dull was the hostess. All the artwork is Julie's...she works in watercolor and displays her work at a gallery in Laguna Beach.