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Donna Magnuson Tucker

July 2, 2010 - submitted by Carol Winn Canfield

Who is this person and what is she doing????

It's Donna Magnuson Tucker giving an impromptu sample Longevity Stick class in Hurles Burton Park. Donna is one of the Longevity Stick leaders at the Senior Center at Yorba Linda Community Center.

"These exercises were developed by Master Mai Bac Dau who was an officer in the Army of the Republic South Vietnam. He was imprisoned, forced to endure hard labor, suffered malnutrition and lack of medication for much of 5 years in a communist camp."

"During this time he began devising exercises and self-massage for his survival. Upon his release he further developed these methods and then taught his countrymen Longevity-Stick Art (LSA)."

...taken from the website.