Dr. Thomas P Sexton
Thomas Sexton - 1962 Thomas Sexton - 2008

In retirement I have become involved in Theatre in the Orlando area. Been doing commercials and became a member of Screen Actor's Guild. Appeared as a Judge in the HBO movie RECOUNT in December 2007.

Most recent role was father of George Bailey in a musical production of IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, December 2008.

Summer 1962  Foreign language NDEA Institute, Quito, Eduador
Summer 1963  Graduate Study, Middlebury Colege, Vermont
Summer 1964 - 66  Editorial Consultant, Holt, Rinehart Winston
1964 - 1965  Universidad de Madrid, Spain, Ph.D while on Sabbatical leave from Garden Grove H.S.
Sept. 1965  Returned to Garden Grove, I was transferred to Bolsa Grande (not my choice, and a surprise to me)
1965 - 67  Garden Grove District Language Resource Teacher and teacher of French at Bolsa Grande H.S.
June 1967  Moved to Kutztown, Pennsylvania
Summer 1967  Editorial Staff, Holt Rinehart Winston, New York City
1967 - 88  Professor of Spanish and French, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania/ Professor Emeritus 1988

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Tom Sexton - Florida 2008  Tom and Family  At Rehearsal  Tom, Marti Unger, and Anne at Scoops - Florida 2011