Visit with Peggy McFadden Smith in Clare, Suffolk, England

Larry Foreman reports that in May 2009 he and his wife Sandy (the former Sandra Jesse, Garden Grove HS, Class of '62) and her mother went to England, Scotland, and Wales for a month-long driving tour. Before leaving, Larry had been in e-mail contact with Peggy (McFadden) Smith, who now lives in Clare, Suffolk, England. Larry told Peggy approximately when they'd be in her vicinity.

Having not learned much since high school, Larry forgot to take along Peggy's address and phone number. But, they decided to stop and see the sites that they had read about in the village of Clare, anyway. Fortunately, at the village church Larry met a lovely lady who knew Peggy, and she pointed out Peggy's home - The Old Bank House, right in the village centre.

With some anxiety, Larry knocked on the door, and Peggy answered. She quickly invited them in. Fortunately, it was a Bank (National) Holiday, and Peggy's husband Richard had the day off from his position as Chairman of the Geography Department at Cambridge University.

Larry Says, "The five of us had a wonderful visit while we toured their beautifully restored home. It had previously been a bank, hence the house name, and before that a chemist's, or apothecary, shop. We spent some time in their lovely Italianate garden behind the house. Since Peggy had to open the local museum at The Ancient House, we moved our visit there. After leaving Peggy, we met Richard on the street while we were having lunch, and we continued our visit with him. It was a highlight of our trip to visit with Peggy and Richard and see their wonderful home and gardens. We're very grateful for their warm reception and hospitality."

The pictures below are:
1. Larry and Sandy Foreman in England, 2009.
2. Peggy and Richard Smith in their home in Clare, Suffolk, England, in 2009.
3. The Ancient House Museum in Clare, Suffolk, England. Now a museum where Peggy is on the Board of Directors. The museum is famous for its detailed pargeting (high-relief plaster work).
4. Peggy at the reception desk in the Ancient House (museum).

Larry and Sandy Foreman in England - 2009Peggy and Richard Smith - 2009

Ancient House Museum - Clare Suffolk EnglandPeggy McFadden Smith 2009