John P Nelson, Jr.

John Nelson - 1962

After a trip to Europe with Bob Bowyer (RAHS '62) and David Bykerk (RAHS/Bolsa'62) in 1963 I moved to Santa Barbara. I married Diane Marie Abel in 1966 and moved to Midland, Michigan. We have 2 children; Stephanie and Andrew. I divorced in 1991 and remarried in 2003. My wife, Marlene and I combine w/ 8 grandchildren...3 hers and 5 mine.... now all OURS.

I have been a REALTOR in Midland, MI. (home of Dow Chemical and Dow Corning) since 1972. I am blessed with me and mine being healthy, happy and productive. My "life" rule has become "It is fine to plan the event...just don't try to plan the outcome". My fondest regards to all at RAHS now and before and especially those that have made this communication possible.