Joseph (Joe) Probst
Joe Probst Then Joe Probst Now! My life in brief:

I went to Cal State Long Beach and received my degree in Speech. I was not able to find a good job with a 1A draft classification and was almost happy to be drafted in the Army. I was engaged to Jo Anne Wagner the daughter of Irv Wagner who owned the Garden Grove Book Store. Did my Army time, including most of a year in Vietnam. Married Jo four days after my return from Vietnam. Started work on my masters at Long Beach three days later. While I worked on my Masters, Jo finished her B.A. and teacher’s credential at UC Irvine.

My first job was teaching at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. I taught speech and coached the forensics team. We also had our first child, Lynette. After two years at Oshkosh I went to Kent State University. I was a Teaching Fellow and worked on a Ph.D. I quit after just one year to take an offer from Pasadena City College. We had kid number two, Alan.

I just finished my 34th year at Pasadena City College and as of June I am a Professor Emeritus. During my tenure at PCC I coached the forensic team, was Faculty Senate President, was an exchange teacher to the Republic of China, had a sabbatical leave to serve on the Los Angeles County Grand Jury. Also a couple of years of great fun serving as the Speech Consultant to the Tournament of Roses, Queen and Court.

During this time I was elected to the Governing Board of Charter Oak Unified School District and now serve as president. I am the immediate past president of the Los Angeles County School Boards Association, and a member of the Delegate Assembly of the California School Boards Association.

I like to play golf (not very well) and play with my two grand kids. Grandchildren and golf not at the same time.

All in all have and am still having a good life. Except the palm of my hands get wet when I need to take a cab.

I am positive this is more than you wanted. Hope to hear from you and others that were at the 50th. - Joe Probst

Joe Probst and His Wife Jo
Joe Probst and His Wife Jo