James (Jim) Currie
Jim Currie - Then Jim Currie - Now! Born in Vancouver, B.C., moved to the U.S. at age 5 and became a naturalized citizen at age 12. Attended different elementary schools each of my first 6 years (in Canada and the U.S., as my father kept moving back and forth: marriages, jobs, indecisiveness, ..LOL). Finally, attended both years of middle school at Downey North J.H.S. and moved to G.G. in 1957...Rancho from 1958-62 and on to U.C. Berkeley (pre-med at first and then switched to psychology). Grad school in counseling and clinical psychology at Cal State, L.A. and Clark University (Mass.). Pursued parallel careers in psychology and music...back and forth and simultaneously. Held positions at California State Department of Rehab (mental health liaison with L.A. County Dep't. of Mental Health; Crisis Counselor/Suicide Intervention Specialist at a community mental health clinic in Tacoma, WA. Head of investigations for the mental health division of Orange County Public Defender's Office and then appointed lead supervising investigator with the Capital Crimes Division at that office. Worked with O.C. Public Defender's from 1979-2001. Retired in 2001. In Music, played with local and touring bands off and on from 1962-1985. Played with The Righteous Brothers, Bo Diddley, Ray Peterson ("Tell Laura I Love Her"), Elvis' guitar player ("Girls, Girls, Girls" film), and various jazz artists. Musical high point: playing with Dave Brubeck.

Married twice, each for 10 years. No children of my own, but helped raise my 2nd wife's son from age 2-12. Favorite music: jazz and classical, but love it all,except for rap and heavy metal Hobbies: music, tennis, travel (S. America: Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Africa: Botswana and Zimbabwe, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Italy, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Caribbean Islands, Belize, Tahiti, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada). Single for the past 21 years. Own my condo in Orange, Ca., where I have lived for the past 20 years. Retirement has been the happiest time of my life...I was born to be a bum! LOL

Dubrovnik Jazz Club
Playing Drums in Dubrovnik
Gig at Jason's Restaurant
Gig at Jason's Restaurant - Santa Ana