Gary Matthews

Gary Matthews - 1962

CHILDREN: None of our own, but during 32 years, we each taught more than 1000 children grades K-12 in L.A. City Schools; Dept. of Defense Dependent Schools, Europe; and Chico Unified School Dist.

CURRENT ACTIVITIES AND HOBBIES: #1 - Being with my beautiful wife - attending music, dance, and theater productions, art openings, wine tastings, some modest travel. Also, painting, poetry, YMCA for exercise, walks at the shoreline. As a volunteer, doing a weekly art lesson at the local elementary school. Taking classes in art, music, and literature at Emeritus College, part of Santa Monica College.

'67 - B.S., Marketing, CSULB
'68 - Took elementary teaching job in L.A. City Schools to avoid Viet Nam, but loved the kids, the creative possibilities, and the time off.
'69 - '79 - Owned trailer on the beach above Ensenada
'69 - M.B.A., Management, CSULB
'70 - Married Andrea, who also became a teacher in L.A. City Schools
'70 - '76 - Summer travel in U.S. and Europe
'76 - '77 - Year long sabbatical, lived and studied in Mexico, then drove through Central America to Panama, in our Chevy van. Flew to destinations in South America and met our van that was shipped from Panama to Miami, for a drive back to California
'79 - '81 - We taught for the Dept. of Defense in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Traveled in Europe and Middle East on holidays and summers.
'81 - '04 - Taught in Chico (No. California college town)
Summer '83 - Travel in India, Malaysia, Hong Kong
Summer '85 - Travel in France
'89 - '90 - Year long study sabbatical in Salamanca, Spain. Travel in northern Europe.
June 2000 - Retired at 55, after 32 years of teaching, with the help of rental income
'04 - Moved to Santa Monica
AT PRESENT - We have lived out of the U.S. four years and traveled to 60 countries, but now we are very happy to be "back home" in Southern California. Our life in Santa Monica is just right for us, at this time.

Andrea and Gary Matthews
Andrea and Gary Matthews