Denise Richardson Robertson

Denise Richardson - 1962Denise Richardson - 2010

Born in Tampa, FLA. Moved to California when I was an infant. Long Beach, San Francisco, then back to Long Beach, and finally Garden Grove. Went to Marie L. Hare, Alamitos Intermediate and then Rancho. Met my life long friends while at Rancho. Married and had two girls. Love, love love, Orange County and enjoyed growing up and spending most of my adult life there. I have been single for many years and in 1999 moved up to the Central Valley to be near family. Lived in Modesto awhile, but now reside in Waterford, a small town east of Modesto. My parents live near by. Both daughters are married and live here. Six grandchildren. Five live here, and one Granddaughter is married and lives near Santa Cruz. My oldest grandson bought a house around the corner from me. He is 23 and 6ft longer my "baby boy". He was in the Army and deployed twice to Iraq. During his second deployment, he was injured...a Traumatic Brain Injury. It took a couple of years, but he has recovered. He was awarded the Bronze Star, and Purple Heart along with other commendations He and I went to Nevada, for several weeks, to work on the Presidential campaign. Our guy didn't win.

I have a beautiful 17 year old granddaughter who is a junior in high school, and her handsome brother is a freshmen. Another girl in 6th and the youngest girl is in 4th. Of course, they too are beautiful!! My daughters and son-in-laws have done a good job of raising these wonderful children. I am blessed, as my children and grandchildren, parents and I are all Christians.

I retired 3 years ago, and keep busy with family, bible study, and am a member of the current Civil Grand Jury for our county.

I worked on some of the reunion committees, several years ago, and always had a great time. Hats off to our current committee. You are doing a fabulous job!!

Me, Jane (my sister-in-law), and Granddaughter Sarah.

Daughters Tami and Shawna
Daughters Shawna and Tami

Shelb and Syd - First Day of School - 2010
Shelb and Syd - First Day of School - 2010

Sam - Graduation, Josh at Work, Kim

Sarah is my 17 year old Granddaughter. She tried out and is going to be a Cheerleader for her senior year. She is so excited.

Grandson Sam (15) and a friend of his are on their way to Huntsville AL for a week at Aviation Challenge. Grandson Josh (Army Vet) was inducted into the Space Camp / Aviation Challenge Hall of Fame, 3 years ago along with a former astronaut, physicist and fighter pilot. If you go to You Tube and look up Josh Whitfied, you will see the introduction. Guess I'm pretty proud of him, huh? Actually all six of the Grandkids are wonderful!