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Post Rancho, a stopover at Long Beach State College; then 1964 - 1971 at San Francisco State College for a ground's-eye view of the 60s, with student strikes, anti-war protests, Haight Ashbury and the like (varying levels of personal participation). Eventually picked up a B.A., American Studies; M.A., Humanities, Philosophy and Literature emphasis - interests I had prior to my formal education and which have remained with me in these our almost-golden years. 1972 - landed in Hollywood and did screenwriting (see IMDB.com for details about produced work) with a friend of mine from college, Mike Scheff. (For those of you who are thinking, "That must be fun", I will quote Mike: "Don't confuse going to the movies with what it's like to write one."). Hollywood ends around 1981.

Work at Los Angeles Sotheby's (the auction house) for a year, get married. Sotheby's closes its L.A. outlet and at age 37 I have to look for a new career. I get a job at (of all places, given my then complete lack of business knowledge or financial interest) Merrill Lynch. No, not the sales end - I began at their (now extinct) Los Angeles Service Center. Became a trainer, then ran the department; was the Center's de facto internal writer-in-residence; and even made videos. I learned a lot about subjects I'd disdained the first half of my life and, overall had a pretty good time and met a lot of very nice folks. Amidst which (not related to the good time or nice folks), was divorced, 1988 (no children). Was transferred to Merrill Lynch in the east (New Jersey), 1989, and worked in varying capacities, always writing-related, until 2007, when I retired.

Have a very New York born and bred Significant Other in my life. On a visit, she fell in love with California's weather (being a native Easterner does not necessarily mean you grow used to the cold), so we plan to relocate back to So Cal in about three years, when she retires (she's an academic). Currently, my old writing partner from Hollywood and I have regrouped and we are working on a number of non-movie related projects. As for the rest - well, those of you who are "retired" know the truth of the saying that if you really want to get busy, then quit work. - DS

David Spector - April 2008
David Spector - April 2008