Mark Mosteller
Mark Mosteller - 1962 Mark Mosteller - 2008

September 12, 1935 - April 29, 2011

Mark Mosteller died of a massive heart attack while camping at Joshua Tree National Monument. Mark taught science at Rancho Alamitos High school from 1960 to 1980. Survivors include his wife of 53 years, Martha, daughter Carrie Pihl (Carl) and son Timothy (Angie), 4 grandchildren, 3 sisters, 12 nieces and nephews.

His memorial service will be held on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 10:30 a.m. at Garden Grove Friends church on Magnolia Ave. The address is 12211 Magnolia (between Lampson and Chapman.)

In 2008 after Rancho High School's Golden Anniversary picnic Mark writes:

Hi Proud Vaqueros:

The best memories of my 37 year teaching career were the twenty years teaching you teenagers (baby boomers!!) as I came to Rancho in the fall of 1960. Does anyone remember the student dress code? I apologize, 48 years late, to the young man that I sent to the Principal for wearing his side burns below his ears. I’m glad to have had the privilege of meeting 150 of you once-a-day during the school year for those twenty years in the science department.

We left Garden Grove to take a teaching position in Salem, OR in 1980, but returned to our home here in 1981. It’s terrible to be homesick. I retired from teaching in 1995, to spend more time restoring Ford Mustangs and having time to read the newspaper instead of checking tests and homework.

Our son teaches Philosophy at Cal Baptist University in Riverside, and our daughter teaches elementary school in Tustin. We have four grandchildren. I’ve thought of running for President, like a man my age is doing, but there are probably more Chevy fanatics than Mustang owners, so it would be impossible to get enough electoral votes.

Best wishes to all,

Mark Mosteller

Memories of Mark:

Mr. Mosteller's classroom was next to Mr. Andersen's and had an adjoining door at the front of the room. Sometimes Mr. Mosteller would come in to ask Mr. Andersen a quick question.

Mr. Andersen was noted for the dramatic presentation of his lectures. When he was demonstrating that dogs respond to voice tone, not to words, he leaned over and petted an imaginary dog while saying in a gentle voice, "You vicious mutt, I could just beat you with a stick." Mr. Mosteller walked in during this demonstration, watched quietly for a moment and walked out without saying a word. Of course the class cracked up.

What a subtle, dry wit.

Jeannie (Hodson) Graves, Class of '61

Below: Walt Unger, Mark, and Al Rosenstein at the RAHS Golden Anniversary Picnic

Walt Unger, Mark Mosteller, Al Rosenstein - 2008