Cheryl Timlin Alvarado

October 20, 1944 - August 27 or 28, 2016

Cheryl's Story (from
"I left Rancho in 1960 and graduated from Bolsa Grande in 1962. I am married and still live in Garden Grove. I raised 2 children and now have 2 grandsons that are one of the biggest rewards in life. Would like to hear from fellow classmates that may remember me or just say hello."

Dee Brazil Dale writes:
Cheryl was married to my ex-husband and when he became ill, Cheryl contacted me for help navigating the labyrinth of nursing home and hospice options. They lived in Garden Grove Ca. and the care provided by the first programs was substandard. Richard died after a two-year illness and Cheryl stood by him, ever vigilant. We found through Facebook that we shared many values and became fast friends.

I was shocked and saddened to learn this past summer, via Facebook, that Cheryl died suddenly. I have not learned much about what happened-only that she fell, was ill for a few days, recovered and posted a message to be, and then died.

I am posting this as a tribute to Cheryl and her life which she lived fiercely, happily and with a determination to help others.